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Why Lean Management?

Lead 2 Lean Solutions approach to lean management is embedded in the Toyota Production System, modified to reflect the complexities of evolving sectors (manufacturing and non-manufacturing) and embedded in a deep respect for people. We maintain the discipline of lean while providing a flexible customized approach to implementing lean management that builds on our client’s current business practices.

Our approach is people-centred and recognizes that everyone has a role in creating an improvement culture. As a result, we have incorporated change management principles and tools to assist all levels of the organization to effectively embrace a new way of working.

Our approach is reflected in the design of our lean house; which is a visual depiction of the foundational work required to build a strong, sustainable management system.

Our Values


We believe creativity and imagination are at the heart of innovation.

This means that our lean management system is flexible and is premised on engaging your teams to find creative solutions. Our approach is built to be adapted to meet your organizations business needs while contributing to a culture of continuous improvement.


We are committed to the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement.

This means we are committed to providing high quality services to our customers while assisting them in continuously improving the quality of their services to meet their clients/customers' needs.


We are committed to being present and available to both our work and home families.

This means our coaches will become part of your community; treating all those in your organization with respect that builds trust and assists you in improving effectiveness and reducing turnover.


We are committed to acting with honor and establishing trust.

This is our foundation for building relationships with you to establish the trust needed to try new ideas and implement innovative practices.


We believe that a spirit of fun builds trust and inspires innovation.

This means that we enjoy the work we do and bring a spirit of fun to inspire the best in all those we work with.

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