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Create a Culture of Improvement
Our Lean Management System
Build your People and Drive out Waste: A Sustainable Approach to Creating a Culture of Improvement in your organization. Lead 2 Lean Solutions Inc. offers your organization a comprehensive approach to adopting lean tools and/or a complete lean management system. Our approach is embedded in a deep respect for people acknowledging the knowledge and experience of those working in your organization. Learn more...
Achieve Sustainable Results
Our continuous improvement roadmap is built on an infinity loop recognizing that the pursuit of improvement is a continuous journey. We integrate lean tools and events with strong organizational development principles and leadership coaching to ensure that you achieve sustainable results. Learn more...
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Who We Are
We are a team of coaches who work collaboratively with you to create a safe environment for staff to nurture their spirit of innovation and assist leaders to effectively lead in a lean organization. We are committed to working with your leadership team. Read more...
Our Values
Our lean management system is flexible and is premised on involving your teams to find creative solutions. Our approach is built to be adapted to meet your organizations business needs while contributing to a culture of continuous improvement. Read more...
Our recommended reading page contains links to important lean management resources that can assist our clients in developing their lean management techniques. Clients and coaches can also login to the resources section to access custom content. Read more...
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Recently we have had the opportunity to work with a variety of employers who are mapping their core processes as a foundational piece of their improvement journey. The work of mapping every step of the process has offered the organization a fresh look at the way their work is done, helped to identify areas for improvement and inspired those doing the work!   Here are a few thoughts from the voices of our customers:"This process helps rethink the way we do processes. Even makes me... Read more

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Employers enrolling participants in our Lead 2 Lean training program are eligible for reimbursement of up to two-thirds of the tuition under the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant Program. Details of this program can be accessed at Canada-Saskatchewan Job... Read more

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