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Testimonials & Results

Several years ago, the Minister of Health decided to adopt Lean methodology for health care in Saskatchewan. Jim, as the Board Chair for Saskatoon Regional Health Authority, embraced this move to a system of continuous improvement. He led by example, became trained and proficient in Lean, changed our meetings, transformed the region, and made greater strides in the improvement in healthcare delivery than we had seen in years.

- Randy Donauer, Board Member of Saskatoon Regional Health Authority

I had the privilege of knowing Bonnie for many years during my previous role as Director of Supply Chain Management with the Saskatoon Health Region. I can vouch for Bonnie’s commitment to the patient first aspect of all the work and her dedication to the values of waste elimination and safety in all aspects of the lean journey. As a lean leader she lead her assigned team to greater deliverables than projected and set in place a patient flow for orthopedic patient transfer between acute care sites in Saskatoon that is still being followed today.

- Val Klassen, Director of Supply Chain at 3sHealth and formerly Director


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