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Lean Management

Lead 2 Lean Solutions Solutions approach to lean management is embedded in the Toyota Production System, modified to reflect the complexities of the public sector and grounded in a deep respect for people. We maintain the discipline of lean while providing a flexible customized approach to implementing lean management that builds on our client's current business practices. Our approach is people-centred and recognizes that everyone has a role in creating an improvement culture. As a result, we have incorporated change management principles and tools to assist all levels of the organization to effectively embrace a new way of working.

The adoption of a lean management system is a transformational change and requires a culture shift. The use of new terminology can create a barrier to learning reducing the chances of successfully adopting lean and sustaining your continuous improvement efforts; as a result we keep the use of Japanese words to a minimum. Recognizing that lean has its origins in Japan and the Toyota Production System there is some need to use relevant terms however we are committed always providing an explanation of these words when they are used.

Our approach is reflected in the design of our house; which is a visual depiction of the foundational work required to build a strong, sustainable management system. At the heart of our house are the people who you serve and those who do the work.

Lead 2 Lean Solutions Inc.

Testimonials & Results

Jim studied the Lean system and became a certified leader through one of the best organizations in the world. He reproduced his training by investing in others, and encouraging the Board and our staff to strive for continuous improvement through Lean. Because of this, our region is considered a leader in the Province of Saskatchewan and we have achieved significant results before many others did.

- Randy Donauer, Board Member of Saskatoon Regional Health Authority


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